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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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see, that's the thing, jon, you don't actually crush it and free base it like t.j. >> you don't snort it? >> okay, if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." we got the fix. so have a great weekend, everybody. we'll see you on monday. we'll see you tomorrow. >> we'll see you friday. >> we'll have lights at least by monday. tomorrow, i'm going to have a flashlight under my face like this. state of emergency. the violence in egypt is showing no signs of getting better at the moment. we'll go live to the streets of cairo for the latest. plus, bay state battle. as president obama gets some rest in martha's vineyard before a road trip rally, republicans meet in boston to map out their fight for the fall. as we approach the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination, we'll take a look at the final months of kennedy's life in the white
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house. good morning from washington. it's thursday, august 15th, 2013, and this is "the daily rundown." i'm in for chuck todd this morning. we begin with the developing news in egypt. where members of the muslim brotherhood and their supporters are defying government leaders and holding new protest marches in multiple cities, raising the risk of more bloodshed. today's demonstration comes a day after the military's all-out assault on pro morsi demonstrators that left more than 500 people dead. in an effort to stop the protest altogether, the interim government has placed the country under a month-long state of emergency. it's also going after protest leaders. recommending murder charges against more than 80 members of the brotherhood and their supporters. this morning, we got word that ousted president morsi will continue to be held in an undisclosed location for at least another month. he has not been seen publicly since being removed from power six weeks ago. the obama administration is condemning the violence and the state of emergency as contrary
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to the interim government's promise to seek reconciliation with former president morsi supporters. secretary of state john kerry has called the violence implorable and says it puts the future in doubt. >> the promise of the 2011 revolution has simply never been fully realized. the final outcome of that resolution is not yet decided. it will be shaped in the hours ahead, in the days ahead. >> nbc's ayman muhadin is live in cairo. obviously, a fast-moving situation. can you tell us the latest from cairo? >> that's right, chris, in just the last hour or so, protesters, supporters of the ousted president and the muslim brotherhood have actually begun some of those marches you were referring to. one of those marches has actually reached the government
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building here, near the capital, cairo. it is in a district called giza, one of the major metro areas. there, dozens of protesters attacked the governor's office. they used molotov cocktails and set the building on fire. we understand fire trucks trying to get to the scene were block from doing so by the protesters. hundreds of employees in the building itself have been evacuated. police are using tear gas to push back protesters. these are initial reports but it does highlight the volatility of what is unfolding here. where supporters of the muslim brotherhood are continuing their protest despite the crackdown that took place yesterday on those two major squares that you were talking about. so a tense situation. keep in mind that the country is under emergency law. that effectively means that no public demonstrations or protests are allowed to take place. so it is going to be a quick test for the government here how
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it plans on dealing with these acts of disobedience by supporters of the ousted president and muslim brotherhood, what kind of tactics they're going to be using. one important thing is some those arrested already in the last 24 hours are being referred to military trials or military courts. and that is going to be a major cause of concern for human rights activists and other organizations here in egypt who are very worried this could mean the introduction of emergency law and the curbing of civil liberties and at least some individual rights as the government tries to get an upper hand on the security situation here. >> you mentioned the pro-morsi supporters in giza. any -- do we have any indication what the interim government is doing at the moment or might do in regards to that? obviously, we know what happened in the last few days. do we have any indication how they're planning to handle that, this latest incursion? >> well, the interim government has made very clear it will have a zero tolerance approach to
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anyone who tries to attack government billiuildings, any o critical locations. they don't want any public property attacked. they said they're going to use whatever force they need to to protect themselves and protect the government. right now, it is difficult to find out exactly what is unfolding at that situation. we are in touch with people on the ground, as we were saying. the police are using tear gas. what we've seen in the past is situations like this escalate. the police, to their detriment, are sometimes incompetent in dealing with large crowds of protesters who sometimes are using nothing more than peaceful measures. in this case, we understand though, according to eyewitnesss, the protesters are to some extent armed with m molotov cocktails. that's when police sometimes use deadly force to try to contain the situation. we can expect that situation, a volatile situation, to continue for some time. i'll certainly update you in the coming hours. >> thank you. we'll be seeing you a lot today.
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thanks for your time. nbc's christine welker join us from martha's vineyard where are the president remains on vacation. you heard about the volatile and changing situation. the white house has condemned the violence. where do we go from here? we not heard from the president himself personally. josh earnest, one of the spokesman, has put out a statement. where do we go from here as it relates to the white house? >> that's the big question. briefed correspondent's here on martha's vineyard, he signaled the administration was not shifting its policy right now as it pertains to egypt. help said administration officials are reviewing the military aid the u.s. gives to egypt. the big question is whether or not the administration will weigh in on this issue of whether a coup has been waged in
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egypt. ernest said yesterday that the administration did not feel as though it was necessary to come to a determination about that. of course, it's a legal matter. because if the u.s. determines there had been a coup, almost certainly under law has to withhold that $1.3 billion in aid. this is a very difficult situation diplomatically before the united states, given where egypt is in the region and the role that it plays in the region. we know the president is monitoring what's happening in egypt quite closely. he was briefed by his national security adviser susan rice who is vacationi ining here on mart vineyard. secretary of state kerry also con dedemned the violence. the administration is coming under increasing pressure to do more, chris. senator mccain has been calling on the administration to withhold aid. now some democrats are joining in, including representative keith ellison who made those comments yesterday here on
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msnbc. >> kristen welker, thank you for the latest. outside of condemning the violence in egypt, the united states is staying on the sidelines in egypt. is that the right move? to talk about that is steve clemon, washington editor at large, for "the atlantic" and also founder of the american strategy program at the new america foundation. steve, what i want to know, as someone coming to this is, are we making the right move, from your expert opinion, are we making the right move in staying on the sidelines -- john kerry called it deplorable. the united states hasn't gone further than that. is that the right move? >> no. from the moment that morsi was removed from office, the united states should have suspended aid or suspended a significant portion of the aid. we did cancel some fighters. but that wasn't enough. they should have sent a stronger signal. not necessarily because of concerns about democracy but largely more broadly about what signal it sends to a very important group of young players in egyptian politics.
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who are adherents to political islam. who decided rather than take a violent course to go through the machinery of getting elected. if you remove that from them -- i asked condoleezza rice about this. if you remove that from them, you run the risk of sending them under ground. you run the risk of keeping egypt unstable for another decade. i've never really been on the same page with condoleezza rice on much but this is one where she's absolutely right. >> i want to read something. "the washington post" editorial board wrote a strongly worded op-ed. see if you think it's the right tone. it says this refusal to take a firm stand against massive violations of human rights is self-defeating for the united states asunconscionable. helping to push the country to a new dictatorship rather than a restored democracy. >> that was probably written by jackson diehl and he's half right.
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half right that supporting the circumstances now are sending the wrong signals. this is tiananmen. this is china. crackdown in the era before twitter and facebook and the people disappeared. nonetheless, the chinese engaged in a brutal crackdown. we suspended, we engaged sanctions. but later president george h.w. bush sent his national security adviser to reopen those. egypt is to important to abandon totally as well. we need to send the signal now and later, when you get back on some kind of track that does promise some sort of inclusion, and you can somehow put some distance between the horrors that have just happened and tomorrow, susan rice can go and open that back up again. >> but that's not for today? >> delaying that move is pree t preempting that ability to get u.s. relations back on track. >> i want to go broader beyond egypt. what does this say, if anything, what does this say about the u.s.' influence in the region,
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in the world, that this set of circumstances that have happened since morsi was ousted? >> the real issue is what it does with not only members of the muslim brotherhood across the region but political islam in general. the rise of islam is the changing factor in the middle east dynamic. i suspect this could have very triggering and worrisome effects in tunisia. we've seen ongoing instabilities in libya. when you look at syria and you look at assad's early crackdowns, it's very hard to distinguish between what general asisi just did and what assad did in his own country. it makes the united states look impotent and without strategy. we do have a course. it's a very nasty one. we can decide to go back with a strong man strategy and decide to basically support those that are crushing democracy. that would be a huge retrograde step back in the way we've approached the region. but these are options. i'm hoping the president suspends aid, sends the signal
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to the military and the military gets back on course. >> no easy options if we had them, with, we would have already taken them. we'll keep our eyes on egypt throughout the hour and the day. we will go live to the streets of cairo where the confrontations are taking place. we've got our first read on the white house newest offense of the president's health care law. plus, putting his cards on the table. reggie love, the president's former body man, reveals new details about what else was going on in the white house as american forces conducted the raid that killed obama. but first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. oh. john kerry talking about iraq. anthony weiner campaigns with his mom. 2:30 eastern time. circle that one on your calendar. if you like political circus, that's for you. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc.
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much more ahead here on "the daily rundown." developing now, we've just learned that president obama will make a statement on egypt today. plus, the health care battle continues, while the white house pushes the benefits. the republican rift other how to handle the rollback the law is on full display. first, it's today's trivia question. who is the first president to have a middle name which was the first name of a former president? that's complicated. the first person to tweet the correct answer to @dailyrundown will get an on-air shout out. al.
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breaking news now. president obama will make a statement on the crisis in egypt at 10:15 this morning. nbc's christine welker is back now with more from martha's vineyard. we talked to you about five minutes ago. since then, we've learned the president will speak on this. what more can you tell us? >> well, look, developments moving quickly here of course. and as i mentioned, president obama continues to get updated on the situation in egypt. so i suspect he was briefed this morning. he is going to come out, as you say, chris, at 10:15 and comment on the situation in egypt. we should say these are going to be -- >> we're having a little bit of trouble with your sound. let me jump in there. important things that we need to note. president obama will be speaking, 10:15, this morning, to make a statement on egypt.
6:21 am
we'll obviously keep updated. if we get kristin's sound back, we'll go back to her. let's turn to domestic politics. the health care fight. president obama and his allies are struggling to defend the delays in the law's implementation. republicans can't seem to settle on a single strategy for how to roll the law back. this morning, the president's political group organizing for action is up with its third tv ad promoting the law's successes. >> it's nice to see somebody's looking out for the little guy. >> the law works. >> and the white house is firing back at republican critics who have seized on another delay. this time, a mpartial one on th cap of out of pocket caps. >> it's a little hard to take their criticism seriously, considering their opposition in the first place. this is akin to alex rodriguez complaining that the drug testing program that major league baseball has in place isn't sufficiently strict.
6:22 am
>> meanwhile, republican leaders continue to backwa away from threatening to shut down the government if the law isn't funded. seizing on comments mcconnell said tuesday in the bluegrass state. saying, the problem is the shutdown of government wouldn't shut down obama care. >> start voting in the u.s. senate to kill it by defunding it today with senator mike lee. >> yesterday, the other senator from kentucky, rand paul, declined to criticize bevan. >> -- government shutdown is not conducive, do you agree with that or -- >> i'm not in favor of shutting down the government either but i
6:23 am
am in favor of using our leverage to try to make it less bad. includes funding for obama care -- >> mcconnell sign that letter too? >> that's his decision. >> in boston for the rnc summer meeting, chairman priebus yet again refused to take a side. >> is shutting down the government a good idea? >> look, i'm not going to get into tactics but i do understand both sides of the argument. i don't think that's an unreasonable position. at the same time, i don't think it's unreasonable for republicans to be concerned about putting forward a cr that might continue to shutting down the government. >> we will do our best to get back to health care. the news of the moment is egypt and president obama's planned statement on it at 10:15. i believe we have kristin back with better sound. tell us more about what we know about this speech or statement. >> the big question is going to be whether or not president
6:24 am
obama is going to announce new actions that the united states would take. at this point, there's no indication that the administration is planning to shift or change its policy toward egypt. we know they have condemned in the strongest terms the violence. they've called on the military leaders in egypt to restore a democratically elected government as quickly as possible. as for that all important question of what to do about the $1.3 billion in military aid the united states gives to egypt annually, the administration has not signaled, as of right now, they plan to withhold any of that aid. we do know they are constantly reviewing the aid that they send to egypt. so i think a lot of people are going to be listening closely to see if president obama announces any shift in tone or policy when it comes to egypt. again, he will be speaking here in martha's vineyard at 10:15. those are going to be taped comments, chris, so we are going to turn them around as quickly as humanly possible so we can get them out to the audience so
6:25 am
that everyone can hear what president obama has to say at 10:15. i should say i was traveling with the president two years ago in 2011 when there was unrest in libya. similarly, he came out and addressed the situation. so this feels very similar. we know the president is vacationing here. but this is to some extent a working vacation as well. he continues to get briefed regularly. his national security adviser, susan rice, traveling with him, and has been keeping him up to date on the ongoing and fast-moving developments in egypt. chris. >> kristen, thank you. we'll come back ton you throughout the hour. for more on politics facing the president on this, and there are politic, in everything, including this. our panel. politi politico's m.j. lee. former executive director of the congressional black caucus angela rye. and republican lawmaker brad todd. i want to ask you about the white house. president has taken some
6:26 am
criticism for not talking more, not calling it a coup. he's being careful which he tends to be in these matters of foreign policy. what, if anything, should we expect out of this? if we expect it to be a statement, not taking question what do we expect? >> we have these two competing images, right. it was only in 2009 that the president delivered this very historic speech in cairocalled arab countries. we have this scene of chaos and a country that is at war. i don't know if by the end of the president's term he's going to see the vision he wanted to see in a place like egypt. i don't know exactly what he'll say in the speech today obviously. the one thing the administration cannot ignore is the fact that the american public is not excited about and it does not really have an appetite for intervention in foreign countries. >> that's a great point. which is we've seen this. we saw it in iraq. in afghanistan. the president was elected in part because of his pledge to
6:27 am
pull troops out. there's resistance to putting more troops in. this foreign intervention. how does the president walk the fine line between showing the u.s. is aware and -- how they feel, obviously, john kerry said it was deplorable, and doing more than the american public wants? >> first, i don't thing we can expect to see him in a statement veer very far away from his secretary of state john kerry. i also think we need to remember what candidate obama was like. the fact this is the same man who won the noble peace prize before he had the opportunity to do much as president. we want to ensure that every other country in nations across the world has the opportunity for democracy so i think we can expect him to say that. >> mccain, graham, just back from egypt. we've heard republican criticism in the past who said president obama needs to be more forceful in these matters. >> he's a lot more interested in cairo when it's easy then when
6:28 am
it's hard. foreign policy's never animated this president. he sometimes likes to retreat to sort of the soft isolationism, that lazai-fair. this is what we expect the president to do, to be strong in instances like this. >> does the president -- the optics of this are always tough. the president is on vacation. i'm not one who is hugely critical of any president taking a vacation. he is on vacation. can he getway, politically speaking, with a statement and then back on vacation if the situation in egypt continues to certainly percolate? >> sure, i mean, the president is certainly on vacation, but the president is never actually on vacation. we have had the president make announcements, very important announcements, when he's on vacation. i do think that he always risks,
6:29 am
you know, being seen as someone who is, you know, not involved enough, if he's not physically in washington, d.c. >> yeah, we will see. we're going to have more with you guys. stick around, please. we'll have more on the developing news out of egypt and the president's upcoming speech. again, just a reminder, 10:15 eastern, we expect that speech. next, what really is going on between john f. kennedy and jackie in the white house in the months before kennedy's assassination? we're talking to the author of a new book that reveals how much the first lady really knew about the president's infidelities and what happened when marilyn monroe called the white house. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance.
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for 25 years, all this produce from walmart and secretly served it up in the heart of peach country. it's a fresh-over. we want you to eat some peaches and tell us what you think. they're really juicy. it must have just come from the farm. this right here is ideal for me. walmart works directly with growers to get you the best quality produce they've ever had. what would you do if i told you all this produce is from walmart? wow! is it really? (laughter) find fresh peaches and all your quality produce. backed by our 100% money back guarantee. walmart. again, we have breaking news for you this morning. the president will make a statement from his martha's vineyard vacation residence at 10:15 a.m. on the situation in egypt. we'll bring it to you as soon as
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we have it. he was a handsome young politician from a well-known and wealthy family. she was a young and beautiful socialite. married in 1953, john and jackie kennedy became one of the original washington power couples. at just 43 and 31 years of age when they entered the white house, the country fell in love with the young people. by some accounts, the couple fell back in love with each other. plagued by personal tragedy and private scandals, they weathered infidelity, life threatening illnesses and the life of their son patrick who was just 39 hours old when he died. it was that death that ultimately brought the pair closer together. as jackie recounted, the two were just about to have a real life together when president kennedy was assassinated in dallas. joining me with more is the author of the new book," these few precious days," the final year jack with jackie. christopher anderson. thank you for taking the time. this is a fascinating tale. i want to start with something that my eye was drawn to. i think a lot of other people's
6:34 am
was as well. in the book you report marilyn monroe placed a call to the white house to talk with jackie kennedy. can you tell us more about that? >> the social secretary at the white house told me at the time he would tell people little green men from mars had landed on the white house lawn, they would have believed it before they believed the president was having an affair with marilyn monroe. jackie was concerned about marilyn monroe. marilyn monroe was the only woman that really bothered jackie. confided in friends of hers that she was worried, because marilyn was so unstable, such a loose cannon emotionally she could go public and really kind of obliterate jfk's presidency. marilyn monroe called the white house, delusional, and said she was in love with jack and jack was going to leave jackie and jackie said, well, okay, i'll move out, you move in, you'll have all the headaches of being first lady. this is a story that had been around. i was able to confirm it with
6:35 am
jfk's air force aide, a number of close friends. it's startling but marilyn was the one person who bothered jackie most. >> it's an amazing recounting. another question, obviously, as anyone who has followed politics, you know john f. kennedy struggled with his personal health. i did not know the extent. >> tremendous medical problems, yes. >> amazing given their ages. 43 and 31 when they entered the white house. tell us more about those medical problems. >> i guess, you know, his entire life he was afflicted with ill health. he always knew he was going to die young. the biggest problem was add son's disease in his case. ultimately would have killed him. jackie, you know, had suffered terrible problems with pregnancies. she went through a miscarriage. a still birth. she almost died after she gave birth to john. and of course the loss of their
6:36 am
infant son patrick. tremendous medical problems. jack had a fatalistic streak. his friend said jack called this streak elegant fatalism. he always talked about mortality. he asked his friends continually how they wanted to die. of course he had premonitions about his own death. flying from ft. worth to dallas, out of the blue turns to jackie and says, you know if somebody was to shoot me with the rifle through a window, there's nothing i can do about it, so why worry. death was a big part of jack n kennedy's life. >> his rival lyndon johnson sort of obsessed with the possibility of early death. interesting between two rivals. you detail how the death of their son brought what was -- self-acknowledged at some level, rocky marriage closer together. >> it's very moving. jack really changed when he learned that jackie was pregnant
6:37 am
in december of 1962. he really started to cut off any relationships with any women. there was a new intimacy between them. then waited for the birth of this child. patrick was born on august 7, 1963. he lived only 39 hours. he literally died in jack kennedy's hands. he was 4 pounds, 10 ounces. jack was left having to break the news to jackie on cape cod. they broke down together, witnessed by all the nurses and the medical staff there. it really is a turning point in their relationship. jack and jackie would never really touch much in public. jack had a phobia about being touched, dates back to his childhood. she thought it wasn't very classy, public displays of affection. suddenly they were embracing, kissing. one of their friends said at times it was so embarrassing they had to turn away. and then of course unfortunately dallas. that's what makes the story so heartbreaking. >> it's a wonderful book. i want to make sure for anybody who's going to go buy it, "these
6:38 am
few precious days." christoph anderson, not only the author of this book but the father-in-law of vaunted "daily rundown" executive producer brook brower. >> the very best executive producer in the business. >> that's what we hear. >> i didn't have to say that. >> thanks. we're continuing to follow the breaking news out of egypt. the president will make a statement from his martha's vineyard vacation residence at 10:15 a.m. on that situation in egypt. we'll bring it to you as soon as we have it. next, we'll go live to the streets cairo where the confrontations are taking place right now. but first, on a lighter note, the white house soup of the day is white chicken chili. is a little fallish this morning when i woke up, it was in the 60s so okay, i'll live with it. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios.
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members of the muslim brotherhood who supported ousted president say it was a massacre. we've seen people coming up today and thanking the egyptian police and soldiers for launching this very vileant but what they describe as necessary crackdown. >> that was nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel reporting from egypt this morning. as the country braces for more violence. the muslim brotherhood started today's protest march from a cairo march where the bodies hundreds killed in thursday's violence are being held. lisa lovelock is a freelance journalist with "the global post" now in partnership with nbc news. i understand you spent some time in that mosque. can you tell us what you saw? >> i did, yes. in the mosque this morning, human rights watch has counted 235 bodies lying there. from what i saw, i certainly can't dispute that figure. these are bodies not counted in
6:43 am
the official death toll. the bodies were laying out. most had gunshots. there were also nine or ten bodies which were entirely charred. >> and the muslim brotherhood talked previously about trying to keep these protests peaceful. does it look like they're going to be able to do that or are we looking at a rehash of what we've seen over the last few days here? >> well, they say they want to keep it peaceful. at the moment it does seem that's been the case. but given the level of anger at the security forces over what is not just the killing yesterday but two previous instances which led to 240 people being killed, it is very difficult how these sort of marches -- especially if they moved to downtown cairo, which is seen very much as the backyard of morsi's opposition. i think -- >> from the ground, can you tell
6:44 am
us what the mood is? i think a lot of us are wondering over the last 48 hours or so. what is the mood? is it chaotic? is it somewhat calmer? where do we stand as someone who's standing there right in the center of all of this? >> certainly deeply polarized. will tell you this is a massacre, they feel incredibly and rightfully aggrieved at what's happened. on the other side, you have people who are watching state media and are expecting -- they're telling me this wasn't a massacre, this was a crackdown on terrorists. there's not yet evidence to suggest the muslim brotherhood did have guns. but state media was running looped images they're saying are people with guns. many expect from a different point in time. but of course people have seen these.
6:45 am
this is more suggesting that these people are terrorists. so you have a lot of people in cairo who will tell you this is a very good thing and it's tough to see how they will change their minds from that one. >> the big news here state side is president obama's expected to release a statement in about 30 minutes or so. is there any sense of sort of -- there about the u.s.' involvement, lack thereof thus far, is that even a topic of conversation with people that you speak with? >> it's been a big topic of conversation. both sides have consistently believed america has supported their opponents. and is responsible for what has happened. we often talk about american influence moving strong in egypt. behind the scenes reports suggesting they're telling them they must not crack down on the protest camp as they did
6:46 am
yesterday. i think yesterday's events showed that in cases like this, they have very, very limited leverage. >> luisa lovelock, "global post" reporter, thank you for your courage and thank you for sharing your insights with us. let's bring back in steve clemens, washington editor at large for "the atlantic" to give us a little more perspective. we talked earlier in the hour. we talked about should president obama say something. you left the studio. president obama plans to say something. i call it the power of steve clemens. what should he say at this point? we know something is coming roughly in 30 minutes. what should he say going forward to sort quiet the situation if that's possible? >> the president should come out and say i think what he has been saying is we're deeply concerned about what's going on. we support a completely inclusive political process that brings in all facets of egyptian society. that is not happening.
6:47 am
because our concern about that and the events that have transpired and the brutal crackdown, we are suspending our military and even our nonmilitary assistance for the time being. pending events. there should be a suspension pending what goes forward that maintains a bit of leverage. then should be communicated our desire and hope to keep u.s./egyptian relation, get this back on track, look at this as a terrible hiccup in that process but to try to bring us back together. that's what he should say. >> i know domestic politics in this country and words matter in domestic politics. i assume that's same when we deal with foreign policy. this calling it a coup versus not calling it a coup. can you explain why that matters? >> it's an absurd issue. calling and recognizing it as a coup by the various branches of government, intelligence, defense, diplomatic, requires the president under statute to
6:48 am
suspend our military assistance. >> which is what you're talking about he should be doing? >> he should be doing anyway. it's a game of theater. clearly there's been a coup. the thing is why the white house doesn't want to call it technically a coup is they're afraid withdrawing that military assistance will then remove all the levers of control we have over the egyptian military. i disagree with that assessment. i think that's why they do that. >> espouse on your disagreement with that. why do you say this is what we should do and we would not lose our levers of power? >> i think on the other side of this, the reason the white house isn't doesn't want to do it, is they worry about treaties with israel, they worry about what else the military might do, and that the history of the united states withdrawing military assistance exchange programs, teaching programs, even with thuggish regimes, has often resulted in a generation or a crowd of people coming in that ultimately are antithetical to u.s. interests.
6:49 am
this is clearly the case in pakistan where we lost contact with a generation of military officials. i'm not trying to be reckless in what i'm saying. i'm saying there should be a temporary suspension. in the long run, we need, just like we did with china after tiananmen, we must have a relationship, an engagement strategy with egypt. at the same time, we can't acquiesce to 4,000 people being injured and 525 deaths. >> i assume you'll be writing on it, i'll be reading on it, at "the atlantic." thank you. it is trivia time. we asked "the daily rundown" crew, who was the first president to have a middle name which was the first name of a former president? i love this one. the answer is george herbert walker bush. herbert being herbert hoover's first name. a hat trick to our super fan for sending that in. and congratulations to today's
6:50 am
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news. the president will make a statement from his martha's vineyard vacation residence at 10:15 on egypt. brad i want to start with you. earlier in the show we talked a little about this. there's been a criticism mostly voiced by republicans and some foreign policy e-percents as well. that the president waits too long to sound off in an authoritative day. did he wait too long? >> yesterday the white house spokesman said the president was going remind the egyptian government to keep his promises.
6:54 am
that's not exactly the forthright strong president we come to expect from american presidents on the front-end of crease cea crises. >> i assume you disagree? >> i do. >> the counter argument, he's waiting for all of the facts to come in. can you give your take on the time table the president waits on issues on matters like this? >> sure. first and foremost, as a lawyer, someone who is thoughtful and not wanting to jump ahead of himself it' right to wait for all of the facts. you don't want a situation where we jump in and look for things that don't exist like weapons of mass destruction and those types of things. >> m.g., just quickly, this is a place where the president has -- there is some bipartisanship. john mccain, lindsey graham. there is some there. is this a place that we can see washington come together in a way that we. >> soon on virtually anything else in the last two and a half years? >> i think the indication will
6:55 am
come from the president's speech this morning. i think what we want to look out for is how he describes what the u.s. considers acceptable outcome in egypt. things are so unusual right there in egypt right there. we know this because the administration refused to use the words, military coup dedescribing what happened in egypt. >> i think steven said coup/not coup, we can do that either way. this is the time for fantasy football. you go first. >> i'm going to plug politico's "morning money." please tune in. >> big shoes. i'm excited. angela. >> i want to plug and shout out all of the people working diligently on the march on washington corporation. >> and brad? >> i would like to wish happy birthday for my son and shameless plug for children's hospital of philadelphia taking care of a very important young
6:56 am
boy to me. we're about 15, 20 minutes away from the president's statement. this is the statement on the situation in egypt. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." tomorrow on the show, can twitter predict election winners? we'll tell you. coming up next it's chris jansing and company. she will have the president's statement on egypt. i'm meteorologist bill karins. if we get airport delays out there. heavy rain and thunderstorms will be out there from florida, georgia, all of atlanta. it looks nice from the great lakes. after a chilly start. great in the afternoon. still no in the west. have a great day. man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now.
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7:00 am
encouraging protesters to take to the streets again. until this morning when we hear from the president, this was the position of the administration to strongly condemn the violence. >> today's events are deplorable. and they run counter to egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion and general democracy. >> but when pressed about the $1.3 billion in aid the u.s. gives to egypt, a white house spokesman did not indicate any change in policy. >> we're going to continue to be in conversations with our counterparts there. and over the course of time, we're going to continue to review our assistance and we're going to make a decision about that assistance based on the best interest of american national security and best interest for stability in the region. >> but as the death toll is rising, the pressure was mounting. this morning, editorial boards for both


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